shivang.tanwar awarded shivang.tanwar 9999 energies for a new total of 9,999 energies
shivang.tanwar awarded shivang.tanwar 9999 gems for a new total of 9,999 gems
shivang.tanwar awarded shivang.tanwar 9999 health points for a new total of 9,999 health points
shivang.tanwar expended -99 energy for a new total of 9,900 energy
shivang.tanwar unlocked the Badge 2 Badge
shivang.tanwar triggered Unlocked a Badge (x0)
shivang.tanwar expended -15 gem for a new total of 9,984 gem
shivang.tanwar unlocked the Quest 2 Quest
shivang.tanwar triggered Unlocked a Quest (x0)
shivang.tanwar earned 500 energies for a new total of 10,400 energies

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